Planning Analysis

The foundation of a 'job well done' lies in the planning and analysis process. It is indeed the first step towards ensuring that the project being undertaken will be a success. At Design Ahead, our emphasis on planning and analysis is tremendous and only once we have analyzed the project, its opportunities and challenges, do we start building a plan that will guide us through.

For Design

We believe that form, flow and function are the integral parts of the planning process. The basic principles of architecture combine with the more fluid concepts of design to form a strategy that helps us create functional and inviting living and commercial spaces. We ensure that a balance is maintained between design and practicality so that a convenient lifestyle and work atmosphere is the result.

For Implementation

With trends and technology constantly evolving, it has become extremely important that we keep up with the times so that we can offer you only the best always. To ensure that our team is abreast with the latest trends and technological advancements in the market, we keep up to speed through Project visits (India or Abroad), training, conferences and by hiring the best minds in the business.

Analyzing all aspects of the project to is extremely crucial. We like to survey and analyze each component thoroughly in order to gather the nuances of the environment and individual, so as to create a forward plan for maximum efficiency. It is important to learn who is going to use the space and how they plan to use it, this helps us achieve a Unique Design Solution for every bespoke client.

Once we have gathered important information and analyzed the environment and other components thoroughly, a final design is proposed that serves as a unique solution for our client's needs.